Wagons, Ho!

by Dec 15, 2016WTC In The News

JennEric’s Ramblings

Thanks to JenEric for posting this nice article on their blog.

“We weren’t able to stay at Peninsula State Park due to the upcoming Pumpkin Patch Festival, which was apparently drawing them in from near and far.

On Friday we moved on to the Wagon Trail Campground at Ellison Bay (stopping for a ruthless round of putt-putt at Pirate’s Cove.  (The girls think the boys cheated, but what can you do??  Pirates!!).

We were a little nervous about Wagon Trail since it seemed to be more of “Resort/Park” than a campground and since the “Pumpkin Patch” weekend required a 3-night stay, but we were pleasantly surprised.

In fact, it was the best campsite that Eric & I had (and the only one that -duh- I didn’t get a picture of).   We were surrounded by thick cedars and firs which cut out views of most other campers as well as the chilly wind!  Friday evening we had dinner at the Coyote Roadhouse, which had a most fantastic loaf of onion ring.

Saturday we took advantage of Wagon Trail’s very nice laundry room, so we took the opportunity to wash the few short-sleeved shirts we had brought.  The weather has continued to be spectacular, and most of the thick layers we brought are going unused.  We did a little more exploring and visited the Blue Ox for a couple of pints.  Generally a lazy sort of day.”